OK…Here’s The Code…

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Let me know if/when you guys have it up!  So I can come and admire it!!

Here is the updated code:

<p align=”center”><a href=””><img alt=”Project Lovey” width=”150″ src=”” height=”150″/></a>

just cope the code and paste it into your html thingy…I know, I’m so technical!!


We Have a Badge!!!

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My friend Wright from I Gotta Theory…she made this awesome badge!! So, here is code. Just copy and paste it. It will take people directly to this blog!!

Yay!! Thank you so much!!

<p align=”center”><a href=””><img alt=”Project Lovey” width=”150″ src=”” height=”150″/></a>
 UPDATE:  this one doesn’t seem to be working right now.  so, she’s working on fixing it.  but, you can check out what it looks like on  or

I’m Back…

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I just want everyone to know…I have NOT forgotten about this project!!  There have been a few diversions…Allie, sick kids, school break…but…

I’m back.

I’m going to be working on this…with a gusto!!

I WILL find a couple of homeless shelters…for now, in my area.  Depending on how much stuff we collect…then, we’ll expand.

Also…badge still needed!  OH…I should have listened to my divorce attorney when he told me to go back to school for computers!  Ha!  Oh well…I’ll have to send big hugs and kisses to my blog friends…maybe that will be the motivator for a badge to display!!

Anyway…just wanted everyone to know…this project…it is still here…still waiting for me to get off my butt!!

So…that’s my little bitty update for ya…



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Well, I’ve been talking to some people and, I have found out that I need to call some Churches…a ton of them are affiliated with homeless shelters.  Also, Salvation Army will lead me in the right direction, too!  I’ll be working on that, over the next couple of weeks!

Also, we still need a catch phrase.  I’m thinking something along the lines of…Project Lovey: Bloggers uniting to help children, one lovey at a time.  Or something along those lines.  But, I really, really want to incorporate the fact that it is about bloggers helping the homeless children!!

And…we still need a badge!  That is a semi-priority!  Because, we need awareness about this project around the blogosphere!

So…those are the updates for the day.  I am working on my daughters Valentine Party, for her class today.  But, after tomorrow…I’m working on this project…with a vengeance!

Catch Phrase

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I’m wracking my brain, trying to think of a catch phrase.  I’m not coming up with anything catch-y!

So far, I’ve thought of:

Project Lovey: helping one lovey at a time!

And…that’s it!  But, we need something that goes along with Project Lovey, that sort of explains, in a nutshell…what it is and what we are trying to accomplish…in a short and sweet way!

Alison, from RDH mom, has offered to have her daughters girl scout troop help with stuff!!  That’s so awesome!  You rock, Alison…that’s why I heart you!! xoxo

So…I need suggestions for catch phrases.  I am in the process of having a badge made.  I am also in the process of finding some shelters that aren’t as funded as some of the bigger ones!  I think those should be what our focus is, the shelters that are being overlooked.  Except, I just heard of a homeless shelter in Oakland County…the county I live in, that had a huge bust.  They were harboring all types of criminals.  Let’s try to NOT get involved in those types of shelters…that’s probably a good thing to steer clear of!!

So…get the brains working!  Let’s come up with a few catch phrases and we’ll vote on them!

I adore all of you!


Figuring Things Out…

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I’m so NOT used to wordpress. I’m working on the blogroll but, for whatever reason…it isn’t posting ON the blog. Only in the little blogroll section, which appears to be hidden. Also, I’ve enlisted someone to help with the badge. I’ll see what her creative self comes up with! It’s Nap Warden…she has an awesome blog which she designed herself…impressive stuff! Once the badge is made and I get it posted…will all of you post it on your blogs PLEASE? And…do an occasional post about the project…let’s try to get this into proportions of a monster size!!

Alison, at RDH Mom…my wonderful friend, has offered to enlist the help of her Girl Scout troop! That’s awesome!

I am starting to get some ideas for where the totes/backpacks should go…but, if any of you have any suggestions…homeless shelters in your area…feel free to give me a shout out!!

Thank you…all of you…for your support on this. You all rock!


update…i switched templates so i can display blogroll but, now i can’t display a hit counter…but, blogroll is much more important, no?!

A Compiled Wish List

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I did some research yesterday, checking out the wish lists at a ton of homeless shelters. Basically, they are all asking for the same things. So, I’ve combined the most important ones…ones that go along with the theme of this project…

New blankets

New or gently used stuffed animals

action figures


Pull Ups






hair bows/bands/clips

educational age appropriate toys


coloring books


and, for the older kids…



spiral notebooks

along with some of the other things mentioned.

also, backpacks and totes, to fill

anything that you would think these kids could use, love and take with them wherever they move around to!

My husband is going to talk to the high school art teacher, from where he teaches. He is going to see if she will have her students created totes for this project.

I think dollar stores are a great place!!! Everything that is needed can be bought there!!!

I’m going to start looking into shelters that don’t get a lot of help. I’m in Michigan, we have a bunch. But…if any of you know of ones in your areas, please let me know!!

I’m open to any ideas and suggestions. Let’s make this a blogcommunity effort, OK!?

If anyone knows how to make a badge that will link to this blog…I would appreciate it!! I have no clue how to do it!


Project Lovey…

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Here is the home of my Project Lovey…OUR Project Lovey!  I wrote this post on Such Simple Pleasures but, I’ve decided to give this it’s own place to reside.

If you are interested in participating…leave me a comment and I’ll add you to the blogroll!!

Back at the beginning of November, I had a very vivid dream, which I had posted about but, didn’t have many blog friends.  In my dream, I had made a bunch of blankets and stuffed animals and donated them to homeless shelters…to the unfortunate children who didn’t have anything. Nothing of their very own. The morning I woke up, I had made a vow to myself…and posted it…that I was going to make blankets and stuffed animals, and have them ready to donate by December of 2008.

Well…that’s not going so well.  Actually, it’s not going, AT ALL.  Chalk it up to laziness or being overwhelmed.  But…it’s been nagging at me.  I still want to do something!  Because, I look around my house.  I look around my friends houses.  And…I see an overabundance.  Our kids have so much!  But, aside from that…they have their own loveys and stuffed animals.  These little blankets and little stuffed toys give them such huge comfort…always have.  And, there are so many little ones out there, who have absolutely NOTHING to give them any comfort!

So, in light of the challenge that Kelly from Ordinary Art gave us, I too am going to offer a challenge.  I figure, if every blogger out there that I have the good fortune of knowing, and everyone that they know,  made or donated one blanket and one stuffed animal…we could make a lot of unfortunate children, very happy!

My challenge is going to be called Project Lovey.  I’m still working on all the details.  Like, where to donate them…there are waaaaay too many places, sadly enough.  But, if you would like to be involved, and you know others who would like to be involved…contact me!  I’m thinking along the lines of a backpack or tote with a NEW blanket, a new or gently used stuffed animal, books…new or used, and any other things that you would feel like a child could call his/her very own.  I’m also thinking of breaking it down into age groups…like 0-2 boy/girl 3-5 boy/girl, 6-10 boy/girl.

Help me keep my promise!  Help me give those little kids…victims of unfortunate circumstances, have something to call their own!!  What do you all think?  Is this do-able?  Lets try to make a little bit of difference…on child at a time.

So, what do you all say?  Are you with me?

Hello world!

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